SDK for Local Search Companies


Approx. 40% of calls to Merchants are not answered.


You simply load CIAmedia’s SDK into your app. When calls to Merchants fail, your app instantly displays alternate like-merchants (Advertisers) in the same neighborhood. Callers simply Click2Call. The CIAmedia SDK generates extremely large volumes of incremental Calls to your Advertisers.

This Call-Triggered event works independent of whether the user found the number on Google, Bing or any other website/app.

The user does not have to open the app. The CIAmedia SDK runs in the background and becomes active when an outgoing call happens. This way it wakes up your dorment apps – the ones that users still have on the phone, but hardly use it.

How to get the CIAmedia SDK into your app

A simple line of code installs the CIAmedia SDK into your current Android app/s. Our tech team connects to your Merchant/Advertiser database via API. Go-to-market time is approx. 2 weeks.

Watch the demo


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